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Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation for Large-size International Conferences, Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation for Medium-size Conferences, Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation for Common Meetings, Field Interpretation, Interpretation for Business Meetings, Interpretation for Technical Negotiations, Training Interpretation, Exhibition Interpretation, Traveling Interpretation, Company Interpretation, Business Assistant, etc.

Interpreter Outsourcing/ Assignment

To meet our customers’ requirements and help reduce the sources and costs for our customers, we offer the interpreter outsourcing/assignment service.

Multimedia Translation

To meet our customers’ requirements, we offer the multi-media translation service.

Interpretation Equipment Rent

We provide interpretation equipments for rent.

Written Translation

We specialize in all kinds of professional interpretation services. Meanwhile, we offer written translation services to our long-term customers to meet the requirements of one-stop translation service.

VIP Language Training

Basic English Training, Interpretation Training and English Training for Enterprise.
Based on our rich experience of years in business, trade, training, cross-culture and translation, we sincerely offer English training focusing on actual ability instead of aiming at examinations.